Routing update: building routes for all use case scenarios

For many years, Routing in JaxiCloud has been aiding dispatchers and transport companies in crafting optimized and cost-effective routes. However, as cargo transportation becomes increasingly complex, Routing must evolve to maintain its efficiency.

Key considerations during the Routing update:

  • Incorporating diverse criteria for route building: Fleet owners desire quick, safe, and traffic-free deliveries while minimizing fuel costs and vehicle wear. This is just the starting point.
  • Addressing industry-specific challenges: Today's map service market is diverse, offering niche products for different sectors. JaxiCloud's Routing tool now boasts more integrations to accommodate such variety.
  • User-friendly design update: To keep our interface design user-centric, we've revamped its appearance, ensuring immediate product understanding and enjoyment.
  • Enhanced map control for besure112 partners: Previously, accessing map services required contacting JaxiCloud support. Now, partners have full autonomy and control over maps in JaxiCloud.

Changes to the Routing tool:

  • UX/UI enhancement: We've overhauled the Routing UX/UI for a smoother experience, simplifying the process of adding, deleting, and rearranging points on the map.
  • Integration with map service providers: Routing in JaxiCloud now integrates with more providers, including Sygic, HERE, and Trimble, catering to regional preferences.
  • Adapting to different vehicle types: New criteria in the Routing window accommodate various vehicles and cargoes, offering options like the Shortest route for fuel efficiency and traffic checks for planning.
  • Optimized route creation algorithms: JaxiCloud features advanced algorithms for route efficiency, including optimized point order for more effective itineraries.

In conclusion, the enhanced Routing tool in JaxiCloud is now available, keeping you updated with the latest advancements and releases.