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Tacho View
DDD-files handling in the JaxiCloud system is performed by means of the Tacho View application. The app allows for driver activity visualization on the basis of a so-called "timeline". Tacho View demonstrates driving, work, rest, and availability time intervals with quick access to a specified day from a calendar.
"Driver activity", "Activity chart" and "Infringements" reports are available depending on the preferred data display and informational content required.

The application utilizes a specific algorithm to count hours of operation based on the legislative peculiarities of the region concerned. Developed to analyze data, acquired from tachograph files. Tachograph analysis is based on such criteria as driving, work, availability, and rest. Driver activity data is visually presented as a "timeline", allowing marking the necessary periods easier.
The structure of tachographs
Usually, tachographs are divided into analog and digital.

Analog tachographs are of round shape and installed in the speedometer socket. There is a paper disk inside, on which information is recorded. Today, analog tachographs are considered obsolete.

Digital tachographs are of rectangular shape and installed in the socket of the car radio (head unit). The technical implementation of a digital tachograph is an encrypted system of permanent energy-independent data storage with limited access to data and a thermal printer for reporting. Further, in the article, we will talk only about this type of tachographs.

The main practical difference between analog and digital tachographs is the degree of data protection from hacking. This necessity arises because some drivers try to manipulate tachograph data to complete routes faster while neglecting rest and safety, or to artificially increase their mileage and steal fuel. Any mechanical interference or incorrect data entry will be registered in the digital tachograph's memory, which will be discovered during the official check. Identified manipulations with the tachograph entail a fine, which will depend on the seriousness of the violation and on the country where it's discovered.

Access to the tachograph memory is provided by 4 types of plastic key cards:

  1. Driver card — allows the driver to save data on operating modes for 28 days.
  2. Company card — allows the transport company to read the trip data of its vehicles.
  3. Workshop card — allows technical specialists to set up the tachograph.
  4. Control card — allows law enforcement agencies to read driver violations and hardware failures.
The data in the tachograph memory is stored in files that may have different formats (extensions) depending on the tachograph model.
Online data
The procedure of uploading files from the driver card to JaxiCloud takes time, which is not always convenient. However, users may need real-time DWH information. To satisfy this demand, JaxiCloud created an algorithm, the data source for which is selected on the Advanced tab:

  • Parameters from the tachograph, which the tracker determines according to the current tachograph mode. At the moment of this writing, such a capability is only implemented in trackers manufactured by our partners.
  • Assignments and trips from JaxiCloud.
The online data calculated from any of the sources is associated with the Driver element.
Reports on drivers
The Driver activity table shows DWH information.
The Infringements table shows the information on the DWH violations.
In the settings of both tables, a file from the driver card, online data or assignments and trips can be selected as the source of information.
Legal aspect
Generally speaking, the tachograph is a mandatory device for vehicles engaged in cargo-and-passenger transportation. However, different countries have different rules about the need to install tachographs and the DWH control.

JaxiCloud only supports the European Agreement Concerning the Work of Crews of Vehicles Engaged in International Road Transportation, or AETR for short (from the French Accord Européen sur les Transports Routiers). This is a single agreement on the work of vehicle crews on the territory of European countries.

Tacho Drivers App
The app includes intuitive features such as 'Driver Activity,' providing a granular view of individual driver timelines, 'Activity Chart,' which visualises the data for quick analysis, and 'Vehicles Connected,' a module that shows the real-time status of vehicles and their assigned drivers. With this tool, fleet managers can effortlessly manage and monitor driver statuses, ensuring compliance, enhancing safety, and optimising fleet operations.

Maximising efficiency and ensuring optimal driver assignment for upcoming jobs is crucial in the transportation industry. App that integrates seamlessly with tachograph data to display comprehensive profiles of driver activities. Our platform showcases real-time updates on driving, working, resting, and availability times for each driver, allowing for informed decision-making when dispatching for assignments.
The solution might seem difficult but it is absolutely worth the minutes you will spend reading the documentation.

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