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Jaxicloud Tachograph Solution

Millioner af lastbiler strejfer rundt på motorveje og veje hver eneste dag og leverer varer langt og bredt på vores planet. Logistikindustrien er strengt reguleret i de fleste dele af verden og især i Europa, hvor digitalisering af fartskrivere er obligatorisk. Dette gør det til en perfekt scene for implementering af fjerndatadownload og overvågningsløsning.


Work and rest time violations are quite common problems in logistics business. Due to these violations, logistics companies often get penalties that reach a few hundred or even a few thousand Euros.

In addition to this, logistics companies in the European markets are regulated by special institutions that require to present graphics from digital tachographs every month and in a correct form. Usually, companies download graphics by physically getting to the vehicles and directly connecting to tachographs.

It might not be a problem if you have just several trucks, but it becomes a serious issue in case you have to manage hundreds of them. First of all, it is time consuming. Second, the administration process is complicated. Third, it is not always possible. For example, your office is in Austria and your truck is dispatched to Spain for three months. In this scenario, you will not be able to get the files on time.


We are offering a complete solution that will help avoid problems and headache related to the administration of digital tachograph files. Our solution is made up of TACHO- 640 professional device and Jaxicloud platform. 

TACHO-640 can receive tachograph and driver card files (.DDD, .TGD, .V1B .C1B formats), tacho live data and enriched Tacho/FMS data (TachoCAN) from digital tachograph via the same CAN line – it makes installation even easier. Also, the device is capable of reading live data from digital tachograph via the K-line connection. You can find detailed instructions of installation in the user manual of the related device.

The next component is software dedicated to downloading and administrating digital tachograph files. Jaxicloud offers ample opportunities to work with DDD-files and online data on driver activity by means of Tacho Viewer and Tacho Manager applications.

DDD-files handling in Jaxicloud system is performed by means of TachoView application. The app allows for driver activity visualization on the basis of so-called “timeline”. TachoView demonstrates driving, work, rest, and availability time intervals. Quick access to a specified day from the selected interval is available in calendar. There are two types of data display:

Driver activity”. The information is displayed in a tabular form. By choosing the necessary date you can see detailed driver activity over a specified period.

“Activity chart”. The selected time period is divided into days where the information is displayed in diagrams (markers correlate with certain activity characteristics).

The results of driver behaviour analysis based on DDD-files and online data may be presented as a report and printed.

Tacho Manager is developed for manual or automatic (by means of a command) DDD-files uploading to Jaxicloud server and their long-time storage. Handy data visualization allows for simple monitoring of driver activity due to availability of precise driver information.


Jaxicloud-640 is a PROFESSIONAL series device with 4G (LTE Cat 1) network coverage. The device is equipped with GNSS/LTE and Bluetooth modules. TACHO-640 will maximize your fleet efficiency with features like FMS CAN data (J1939), fuel CAN data (J1708), tachograph live data (K-Line), remote tachograph file download, various third party RS232 or RS485 devices support, and Dual- SIM. The terminal is suitable for applications like international logistics, refrigerated transport, agriculture, construction & mining, security & emergency services, and even more.

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Professional løsning

Den hardware vi leverer er professional med indbygget GPS tracking samt professional software. Vi har blot nedskaleret det, så løsningen passer til
den kvalitetsbevidste forbruger.

Skalérbar prisstruktur

 JaxiCloud tilbyder forskellige prisstrukturer og abonnementsmuligheder, der kan tilpasses virksomhedens behov og størrelse.

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